Finally Working


The main site now seems to be up and running.   Funny…if I didn’t say anything most of you would probably not even notice.   I’m going to tell you anyways, however,…just because I have nothing better to do at the moment….and I’m tired of typing <tables suck> </tables suck>.   Ok….many of you are familiar with the blog that a few of us frequent.   Blog is just a nickname for Web Log.   To keep things short, a web log is something that users can simply type their text/html into in order to publish info to the web.  No html experience necessary.  It allows for online discussions between groups, friends, businesses….etc that is not open to just anyone.   ( a user has to be part of the blog to use it). To find out a lot better info on web logs, visit Blogger. That is the company I use for mine.   Best of all, its free!!!   They will even let you host a simple one page blog on their site.   Cool, huh??
I learned very quickly that making a section of a site strictly out of HTML just for the sake of it is a waste of time.   I do enough coding on this site, as well as my other sites.   So, I came up with a better idea. I’m trying to learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets to all you fortunate “non-geeks”) better, so instead of doing a simple site out of html, I’m going to do a site out of nothing but html and css.   Hopefully you all have fairly current browsers, or else that section of the site is going to look really messed up.
I’m in a better mood tonight…..I guess. I’m still alive and kicking.. and I wasn’t so dumb as to go for another run in the cold weather.   Its amazing what emotions do to you…Oh well….I was damned with a soft heart…so I guess I had better make the most of it.
Oh yeah….almost forgot!!   I’m almost done with the new layout to the Lumberjack Water Sports Website.   Of course it is just the layout, and not the complete site yet…that will not be coming for a while yet.   But, if you would like to preview what it looks like, I have uploaded the cover page for everyone to gander at.   Hopefully you like it…for the first time, I think its a site I can be somewhat proud of.   The forms dont work yet, so please dont submit anything, as it will not be going anywhere.

Click here to preview

Well Ladies and Gents….thats it for now…Ya’ll be cool….


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