Hello everyone….

For all you that seem to be enthralled with my life, I apologize for not posting last night. I was up all night shopping for a new laptop. I know, I have three desktop puters. Problem is they are ALL junk, J-U-N-K, junk. I’m ready to throw this f*cking Hewlett Packard piece of sh*t out of the window. I just reformatted a week ago, though you would never know. Oh, that reminds me, I had to give ICQ, and a few other annoying programs the axe (no pun intended). I know, I just got it, but it was screwing up my system royally. I need this puter for work more than I do for play. I don’t even have any games on it now, just boring work programs like text pad, Paint Shop Pro, and three different Web Browsers. :-(
Anyways, back to the laptop. I ended up buying a brand new Dell Inspiron 8000 series. Click here to check it out. Mine isn’t bare bones like the example there though, so it got pretty spendy. 8x DVD rom, 128 meg ram, Windows 2000 Professional operating system (instead of that Millenium crap), 24x cd rom, 15.0-inch SXGA+ TFT (active-matrix display), 850 MHz processor, and all sorts of other goodies. Not really goodies, but it will keep me from going completely mad, at least for a little while. I need a good puter that will last me, get me through the rest of my schooling, and will help me create a larger client base in web design. My HP has crashed at least 4 times tonight. I can’t carry on a business with equipment like this. Speaking of business, anyone need a web page/site?? I’m very affordable. I do it strictly from code, no Front Page anymore, so you are almost guaranteed a quality site/page. Feel free to contact me.
Here is something I’m working on. (*note- this site is all CSS) Check me out.

You might have noticed that the front page has a new name. Its no longer the “official” J.R. Salzman website. I dont think anyone got the reaction I was going for. The “Official” J.R. Website was supposed to be making fun of me (like anyone would ever create an unofficial website).

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