Guardian Angel

Sometimes life is just not fair, plain and simple. Bad things seem to happen, right out of the blue. No warning, no reasons, no explanations, no remorse. Contrary to my thinking, there is not reason for everything that happens in this world. Bad news and events seem to strike our lives on almost a daily basis. Loved ones and friends are seemly snatched out of our lives as fast as people are brought in to this world. Bad news breaks into our daily lives almost as often as the morning sun through our bedroom window. True, its very tough to deal with troublesome events. We often ask ourselves why they happen. When we cannot find an explanation, (which many times, there isn’t), we simply break down emotionally with the conclusion, “life isn’t fair, why go on in a world like this.”
Sadly enough, life is not fair. Many bad events don’t need a reason. After a while, bad news and events seem to compound. A family member passes away……….your car breaks down on the way to work………a friend gets sick and has to go to the hospital…….. you accidently rip a hole in your favorite jeans. Pretty soon something as minor as breaking a fingernail can push you over the edge. You find yourself looking for the strength to go on, looking for answers to the questions that have no answers. It’s at times like these that you must look inside yourself, and look at the world around you. Did you ever think, that at the very moment you feel unable to go on, that someone in your life could be thinking about all the good you have brought to them, and how much better their life is because you are a part of it? Next time you are feeling down, with no strength or will to go on, take a good look at the world around you. Think of your friends and loved ones, and what they mean to you. Then think of your friends and loved ones, and what you mean to them. It’s easy to forget all the good around you while sifting through the bad. As hard as it may be to convince yourself, there is light at the end of life’s dark tunnels.
It’s true, life is tough sometimes. It’s true, life is unfair sometimes. It’s true, life just plain sucks sometimes. At times unfortunate events will come and go as often as the weather. And as difficult as it may seem, we must accept them, learn from them, and move on. Next time you’re feeling down, and are unable to go on, take a good hard look at the world close around you. Look beyond the bad. Look inside yourself. Look at those around you.

Life is not as bad it seems. You are cared about. Your life is meaningful. You are loved. And remember….

No bad day is forever…..

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