Hometown Blues

Hello everyone…

I’m checking in from Hayward Wisconsin tonight. This place is the center of nothing at all. Which makes me wonder why I tried to make it here in record time tonight. This place sucked growing up. If you want to buy a current cd, you have to drive an hour and a half to get it. If you want to buy clothes with any name brand, you have to drive to Duluth or Eau Claire. Either way, its about 80 miles. This is the sad little town I grew up in, was raised in, schooled, learned to drink in, and finally graduated. Hayward has a population of 1,897 people. My graduating class had 130 people in it. I could tell you the first and last name of everyone in my class. My parents graduated, or went to school with most of my high school teachers…. Hows that for a small town atmosphere…… I cannot even imagine going to one of these big schools with 300 people in a class. I have no idea what that would be like. Remember, you can take the boy out of the country, but you can never take the country out of the boy.

I’m up here to do a few things. First off my truck needs new front brake pads. They are now squeeling worse than a 12 year old girl at a Backstreet Boys concert. My dads a mechanic, and owns his own business…..so easy for me. I have to shovel off my parents roof. My dad fell off a few years back, and considering that is like 20 feet up, I’m kind of the designated idiot to go up and clean it off. Lucky me, I get to fall off the roof. I have to get logs for the fireplace mantles at work. I’ll have to find a few way out in the woods and drag them back to the house with my snowmobile. yuk… I am also here to drag race (snowmobile). I have to be on the lake at 10 tommorrow morning for the drivers meeting. (race drivers) After that, I believe that the races start at 11. I think I’m running in 3 different classes with my fathers lay down, open modified sled. It rides about an inch off the ice, and turns in the upper 120 mph range in 1000 feet (from a complete stop……I know, duh.). In other words, I’m going to be feeling a lot of G force tommorrow. The track is only 660 feet though, which means very quick, very tight racing. If you’re sleeping, you ain’t winning, plain and simple. Wish me luck.

Sorry, but I’m very tired. I was up all night writing yesterdays post, so I got no sleep…..making a full day of work today pretty miserable.

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