America Attacked

Today the IDS Building and the Mall of America were evacuated here in Minneapolis. Makes you really think about things when you go to school 4 blocks from downtown. The World Trade Center in St. Paul was also evacuated. Tonight, when I ran to the corner store, I could hear the fighters planes flying over Minneapolis, patroling the night’s sky. I live a little over a mile from downtown Minneapolis.

Gov. Jesse Ventura and other state officials appealed for calm, asking people to stay at work and schools to continue operating with tightened security. He also ordered that state flags at government buildings be flown at half-staff to honor victims of the attacks in New York and Washington.

“It’s horrifying,” Ventura said of the attacks. “I equate this to the level of Pearl Harbor.”

This is all very sobering. Especially since I was the first to know in class, when my friend in NY was freaking out on IM because her friend worked in one of the towers. God I hope her and her friend are ok.

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