Welcome Back

Welcome back to my weblog.

After I closed down my Bent, Broken, and Run Down Weblog, I received quite a few touching emails saying what kind of effect my writing had on them. After a bit of thought, I decided to “reinvent” my weblog on a more public scale. This was much easier than revamping the old one, and filtering all the posts for public viewing.

So thank you very much to all of you that offered kind words for my previous weblog. This new one is my way of repaying all you for your thanks.

On a seperate and unrelated note, a few of you might have seen or read on the news the Wisconsin town of Ladysmith was hit by a tornado. Ladysmith is a neighboring town of Hayward, and is only 45 minutes away. The same storms that hit them went through my town literally just minutes earlier. For those of you that don’t know what happened, most of Ladysmith was leveled. If you can spare it, please donate to the community to help get them back on their feet. Whether its helping out, or a small donation, it will be appreciated. Click here to learn how.

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