Checking In

Hello hello hello…

I’m still alive (in case you’re wondering why I haven’t been around). I’ve been unbelievably busy the last few weeks with work, so giving an update has been on the back burner to everything else. I’m still here, so no worries.

Just like I always do, I’ve gone and changed a lot of my plans around. I’m living in Rochester, MN for the time being. It’s not a bad place… and it’s definitely warmer than Hayward, WI. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll be spending another winter in the Midwest. Next summer I’m getting out of here though. One more winter is about all I can take. East Coast here I come…

I’ve delayed joining the National Guard for a bit. This is the last time you will hear me comment about it. I’ve grown quite tired of people calling me and e-mailing me telling me what a “horrible” decision I’m making, and that I don’t know that I’m getting myself into. Please do me a favor… keep your comments about it to yourself, especially if you’ve never been in the armed services.

As much as I want to put up a design site to display my talents in the world of web development, I haven’t had a bit of time to do so. I have one “free” day per week to do my own things. Unfortunately, my design site has taken a back seat to a lot of other projects lately. So even if I made a design site, I wouldn’t have time to do the work for any potential customers anyway. So.. I guess I’m better off without one right now.

Many of you heard that I was planning on leaving the country to go down under for the winter. Well, that plan has been aborted for the time being. I had an opportunity arise that I would have been a fool to pass up. Hopefully one more winter in the midwest won’t kill me.

I was flipping through the channels tonight (not very often for me, like once a week, tops) and I ran across one of those horrible “gossip” shows. This one was talking about the royal family, and what the sons have been doing lately, what they’ve been buying, who they’ve been seen with, etc. I am hoping very much that my life never gets that bad someday. I’m a private person. I don’t talk about myself a whole lot, nor do I see myself as special because I’m on TV once in a while. I don’t like letting people know too many personal details. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t mind people contacting me asking a question or two. Please don’t get upset if I don’t respond to an email asking a million questions. When people start getting real personal I have to wonder about their intentions.

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