Grammy Crap

Does anyone else think the Grammies were rigged? Really now, Norah Jones is not worth one Grammy, let alone eight. Her music is very unemotional, slow, with a bit of country twang to it, enveloped in boring lyrics. Honestly, how could she beat out Avril Lavigne, with honest heart-to-heart lyrics and in-your-face sound, John Mayer’s youthful sound and lyrics we can all relate to, Vanessa Carlton’s beautiful piano playing, or Michelle Branch’s beautiful voice?

Apparently the damn Grammies, or as I’m going to call them from now on “Scammies” are as political as log rolling can be. So much for “fair competition”. Think I’m the only one that feels this way? Ha. Think again..

Here’s a quote from

I’m sorry, but since when is Norah Jones pop? She even said herself during her acceptance speech that she doesn’t see herself as a pop artist! She’s really more jazz or light contemporary. The fact that Norah is nominated in most of the major categories for each genre of music for the same album upsets me. It’s really just one type of music — it doesn’t cross any genre gaps. She’s robbing Avril and Britney of awards they deserve. After all, they’re pop acts. You can’t blame Norah though. Blame the idiots that didn’t know how to put someone in the proper category.


Libertyville, IL

And yet another:

Am I the only one who doesn’t see what’s so special about Norah Jones? I never even heard of her before the Grammy nominations. The Grammys deserve to be given to people who worked to get their name heard and their face out there.


Philadelphia, PA

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