St. Baldricks Day

There is a little known holiday around this time of year that involves a lot of the color green. No I’m not talking about St. Patrick‚Äôs Day where the goal is to get as drunk as possible (at least in my case). I’m talking about St. Baldricks Day where the goal is to help the National Childhood Cancer Foundation. The way it works is people will solicit donations from their friends, coworkers, etc. to be donated to the NCCF. In exchange, they will have their head shaved. This Thursday in Minneapolis a couple of friends of mine are participating. Evil Bob(note the horns in the photo), and my old roommate Neil will be going under the clippers. If it’s not too much trouble, donate on behalf of either of these guys. Just so you don’t think this is a regular thing, Evil Bob has had long hair his entire life. Remember, all the money goes to fund cancer research. Whether its 5, 10, 20, or 50 dollars your money will go to a good cause and will be much appreciated. Short on cash? No problem! They take credit cards. (Note: Donate for Neil; he needs to catch up to Bob in terms of donations.)

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