No Blood For Oil?

The National Post (of Canada) writes:

France, Germany, Russia, Belgium and Canada are not on the side of peace or morality or the Iraqi people. The pictures from the streets of Baghdad make that plain. But we are on the side of TotalFinaElf. Twice in recent columns, Diane Francis has mentioned, almost en passant, a curious little fact:

The Western oil company with the closest ties to the late Saddam is France’s TotalFinaElf. That’s not the curious fact, that’s just business as usual in the Fifth Republic. This is the curious fact: As Diane wrote in February and again last week, “Total’s biggest shareholder is Montreal’s Paul Desmarais, whose youngest son is married to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s daughter.”

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight: TotalFinaElf’s largest shareholder is a subsidiary of Montreal’s Power Corp, whose co-chief executive is Jean Chrétien’s son-in-law, Andre Desmarais. Mr. Desmarais’ brother, Paul Desmarais Jr., sits on the Total board.

For months, the anti-war crowd has insisted that “it’s all about oil,” that the only reason the Iraqi people were being “liberated” was so that the second biggest oil reserves in the world could be annexed in perpetuity by Dick Cheney and Halliburton and the rest of Bush’s Texas oilpatch gang. Instead, it turns out that, if it is all about oil, then the principal North American beneficiary of the continued enslavement of the Iraqi people is the family of the Canadian Prime Minister — that’s to say, his daughter, France Chrétien, and his grandchildren.

What a delightful footnote to the Chrétien-Chiraquiste war effort. This is a victory not just for the Iraqi people but for “Anglo-Saxon” reality over Franco-Canadian postmodern cynicism.

Ahhh, so thats why they use the excuse “No Blood for Oil”. They’re already getting the oil, so what do they care about Liberating the Iraqi people? Link via they always informative, Instapundit.

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