A couple of nights ago I talked to an actor friend of mine in Cleveland, Ohio. Not long ago, she spent her 26th birthday in Los Angeles, taking in a bit of the city. On her birthday, she went to The Viper Room (you know, where River Phoenix overdosed). After getting in, she walked up to the bar to get a drink. She discovered a horrible looking woman, gut hanging out, giant pink Mohawk going every which way, screaming at the bartender in the rudest of tones. Being the polite person she is, she waved the bartender over and asked for a drink, which he happily provided. The awful looking girl, looked at her in disgust for getting served before her, and left the bar, making sure to purposely run into her with her shoulder on the way. She didn’t really think much of it, as crazy things happen in bars all the time (having drank with her in the bars of Columbus, OH many times, I can vouch for that). Anyway, later in the “lil’ girls room” she was once again confronted by the lovely lady. She gave her a disgusted look, and (the girl) once again purposely ran into her with her shoulder as she left. Just who was this lovely damsel in distress? Why none other than everyone’s favorite depressing music “artist” Pink.

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