Stop Whining

While I was out on a 6 mile run around Rochester this weekend (its training season, and the water is still pretty cold for rolling), I realized something very important about the anti-war, pro-anything_bad_about_Bush_and_Republicans cowards. Oops, sorry, I meant crowds. Protesting in the streets, blocking traffic, holding up a sign that says “Bush is Hitler” is not fighting for what you believe in, it’s hiding from what you’re afraid of. If many of these people’s World War Veteran relatives were still alive, they’d probably be beating their grandchildren’s asses for their cowardly and naïve behavior.

I bumped into a left-wing weblog tonight. They’re still screaming that Bush is nothing but a huge liar, no WMD will ever be found, blah blah blah blah blah. Apparently they’ve written off the shredders, the children’s prisons, the torture chambers, the rape rooms, (among the many other forms of human torture that violate the “International Law” they’re constantly preaching that Bush violated) as nothing more than propaganda perpetrated by the Bush Administration. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: This is a war that should be waged not as Americans, but as decent and moral human beings.

To quote Bill Whittle, (who wrote this amazing essay), “If it is true that we can judge ourselves by the quality of the people who oppose us, then let me say my heart is bursting with pride.” I must agree.

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