Log rolling is one of those strange, unbelievably difficult sports that takes years to learn, let alone “perfect”. I laugh at the word when associated with log rolling. What exactly do you “perfect” when it comes to log rolling. Your balance? Your footwork? Your arm placement? Everybody rolls different, there is no right or wrong way. I’m not talking about that though. I’m talking about satisfaction. Not the simple mundane satisfaction of having rolled 5 minutes without falling. Nor is it the naive satisfaction of dunking your rolling partner 2 times in a row. I’m talking about the satisfaction… the pure utter enjoyment… of everything falling into place. Your feet hit the log with the right speed in exactly the right place on the log. Your arms are down and out, and calm and steady as a bird flying. You’re hunched over. Everything is just right. It’s that moment… the moment you know you would actually have to try to fall off because you are doing everything so well.. the moment where you can run and run and run, and backstep until you’re so dizzy you could pass out, but you never do because everything is just so “perfect”. It’s the moment you’re out there on the log, gliding across the glassy calm water, completely alone except for the sound of the water under your feet, the gentle swish of the log, and the thought that at that very moment, everything is perfect. Now that my friend… that, is satisfaction.

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