This will be brief since I’m exhausted from training today. I even got to roll with Brian Duffy and Dan McDonough which is not really common anymore. Talk about a full day of training.

Sponsorship hunting has proven to be a waste of time. Unless I’m holding a football/baseball/basketball/tennis racket/golf club, or I’m driving a car/truck around/down a race track, it doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in having their company name/brand exposed to millions of people on ESPN. In a day in age where high school basketball players get 90 million dollar shoe deals from Nike, and Reebok signs a 3 year old, you’d think I’d at least be able to get a free pair of shoes out of Adidas. Nope! I got my rejection letter in the mail Thursday. Guess what brand of log rolling spikes I won’t be wearing anymore.

From now until the GOG in Reno I will be doing nothing but training, with a few random hops here and there throughout the country. I’m currently in Hayward, WI for a couple of days, then off to an undisclosed location before heading to Reno, NV to compete. Good luck trying to get a hold of me or tracking me down.

While on the drive up here yesterday (through construction in Minneapolis no less) I did a phone interview with someone from There’s a good possibility of a story about me being up sometime next week. If there is, it will probably show up on the Great Outdoor Games Website. Keep your eyes peeled for that, since I’m not sure there will be a whole lot of posting going on over here.

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