Its not often that I get internet access for my laptop when I’m on the road, so I take advantage of it when I do. I’m sure some of you noticed already that ESPN dot com has an article of me up right here. It says that I’m training in Idaho at the moment. Well, sort of. I’m in British Columbia, Canada for the weekend competing at a few random contests as Pre-GOG filler. Its nice to get out of the midwest (and the U.S.) and compete against a few new faces.

Any store orders that are placed from now until July 14 will not get mailed until AFTER the 14th. After all, its hard to mail out orders when I’m not even in the United States at the moment. Thank you for your patience.

Anyway, just thought I’d check in and give all 3 of my fans the heads up on whats going on. See you all in Reno…

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