I’m With Stupid >>>>>>>>

I’ve encountered too many stupid things lately to list them all, so I’m just going to set straight a few.

First on the list are those stupid Michelob Ultra Light commercials. You know the ones where the guy/gal gets done with a Marathon/Triathlon/4 hours of Tybo/bench pressing 5,000 pounds and picks up a beer right afterward. “It’s low in carbs, so it’s ok.” Who the hell would ever do this? “Whew.. I’m hot, tired, and dehydrated. Hey, I know, I’ll have a beer! ” I know the ad campaign is geared toward arm-chair athletes. Still… I hope it fails miserably.

From now on, the closest 100 parking spaces at every discount store should be handicapped spaces. That way all the fat lazy people can’t drive around for 20 minutes looking for a parking place 10 feet closer to the front door than the one they found 5 minutes earlier. That drives me crazy. If these people would park at the end of the parking lot instead of the closest possible spot they could drink regular coke instead of diet (and they wouldn’t have to drink Ultra Light Michelob).

More stupid things coming soon. For now sleep.

I agree with the saying that stupidity should be painful.

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