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Reality is beginning to set in that I’m about to leave in 48 hours and won’t be back for about 15 weeks. If you have anything to say to me, say it now.

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Signs of progress.

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Basic Training Overhaul

I ran across an interesting piece about an update to Army Basic Combat Training. Apparently it’s being updated to more accurately reflect the difficulties that soldiers are facing every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additions include urban combat training, IEDs … Continue reading

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For sale: West Virginia.

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Dennis Miller

“I will say this, I feel more politically engaged than I’ve ever felt in my life because I do think we live in dangerous times, and anybody who looks at the world and says this is the time to be … Continue reading

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Bathroom Manners

This article gives new meaning to the term “Leftist”.

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Although I managed to get a dry socket, the teeth are healing. Fortunately I have a high tolerance for pain (no doubt nurtured from many years of log rolling and boom running) so I’m running around getting all my stuff … Continue reading

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Tired of eating bland, low-fat foods? Just try my diet and you’ll never have to eat low-fat foods ever again! It’s called the get-your-fat-ass-off-the-couch-and-exercise diet. Sorry for the language. My mouth hurts so bad I’ve had tunnel vision for the … Continue reading

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I just got my orders. I report to the hotel in Minneapolis January 19, for shipment to inprocessing January 20th and onto Army Basic Training in Ft. Benning, Georgia from there. If you have anything to say to me, you … Continue reading

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More Nail Guns

Here is another nail gun accident, this time in South Dakota. A 3 1/2″ framing nail was driven into his head when he stood up into the gun. I wear safety glasses on the work site, but I’ve still been … Continue reading

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