Although I managed to get a dry socket, the teeth are healing. Fortunately I have a high tolerance for pain (no doubt nurtured from many years of log rolling and boom running) so I’m running around getting all my stuff done. I’m hoping I’m ready for the PT aspect of Basic Training. Looking around this website, it’s pretty obvious I don’t want second place- in ANYTHING I do. I’ve already checked into how high I need to score on my PT test to get over 100%. (77 pushups, 85 sit-ups, and 2 miles in less than 13 minutes). I’m shooting for honors at Basic. I’m already prepared to get a ration of “stuff” from the Active Army guys at basic because I’m National Guard. I was told the easy way to shut them is get top score on the PT test. I realize trying to be the best is a good way to stick out like a sore thumb and get all sorts of extra responsibility. But hey, that’s what you’re supposed to do: “Be All That You Can Be”, because it’s ok to be “An Army of One”. Besides, I see nothing wrong with trying to exemplify all that my country represents. And yes, I realize trying to do all of the above is going to result in me getting smoked more than beef jerky.

Some journalists from the Reuters are claiming that U.S. Soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division roughed them up and put them in prison. The full story is right here. Frankly, I’m not buying it. And even if it did happen, I say good riddance. Big media declared war on U.S. interests, soldiers risking their lives, and our President long ago. They have been spouting foul, ill-founded material since the start of the war. Take this sob story for example. “We were on top of the system. We had dreams,” said Juwara, a former member of the Mukhabarat, the intelligence service that reported directly to the now-deposed president. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This guy worked for one of the agencies that went around finding people that said bad things about Saddam and stuck them in meat grinders. Do you really expect us to be spoon fed this crap? PLEASE everyone, do yourself a favor. DO NOT get all your news from Big Media, they are a biased joke. Try weblogs. They are a valuable source of information that big media cannot even begin to comprehend or compete with. For example, why get your information about the war from Cnn (who earlier this year was found to be writing stories of Saddam and Iraq in a positive light in exchange for keeping its bureau open in Baghdad) when you can get it directly from the soldiers themselves? Army Officer Jason Van Steenwyk is over there right now, as well as Jeremy Botter (who might be coming back state-side in Feb.). “Paratrooper of Love” is already back from Iraq, while Just Another Soldier is heading there soon (presumably during the large 100,000 or so soldier rotation that is coming up soon). If soldiers aren’t your deal, but you still want the news clear of the B.S., just go to I replaced with Instapundit as my home page long ago. After all, you can only hear so much Liberal drivel about how our entire country is a huge failure before you want to put your hand through the computer monitor.

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