Basic Training

I’m in nice warm Ft. Benning Georgia. Its been in the 80s this week for BRM (Basic Rifle Marksmanship). Training is going well, we’ve done countless things. Repelled of the 50 foot eagle tower, gas chamber, qualified as sharpshooter on my M16A4 (35/40, missed expert by 1), learned how to set up mines, dig a hasty, all sorts of good stuff. I’d like to write more but I don’t have time. I’m on a laptop in the PX right now. We got a pass for completing BRM in the first day, and a concert last night (crazy good band too). So all in all, OSUT (One station Unit Training) for the Infantry is going well. Wish me luck on my next PT test. If I get a 300 (I need 14 more points) I may land an Airborne School slot.

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