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Me: “I have to run by my house and finally clean out my truck. I’ve been living out of it for the last month. I have about two weeks worth of wet log rolling clothes in it.” Joel: “Yeah, I’ve … Continue reading

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I’m up in Hayward, WI for the zillionth annual Lumberjack World Championships. The brackets have already been set. I roll the winner of Dan McDonough and Carl Rick. I’ll keep you posted on what else happens.

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Good friends will mow your lawn while you are out of town for a month log rolling. Pretty good friends will also do the trim. Really good friends will mow your name into your lawn in giant 15 foot letters … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me… I know I haven’t been around at all. I have been incredibly busy with family, and with the upcoming Great Outdoor Games. Annual Training with the National Guard was great. I have … Continue reading

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