I generally shy away from all public and media attention from log rolling. I’m a private person, with a life I’d like to live quietly, out of the limelight. I can’t tell you any of my neighbors names, because I don’t know any of them. In regular conversation you’ll never hear me bring up Log Rolling, Boom Running, ESPN, Outdoor Life, or any other entity of my summertime. My neighbors knew nothing of it until there was a #4 log in my driveway one day, and myself on ESPN 2 weeks later. One of them finally came over while I was mowing the lawn one day to ask me if I was really the one they saw on ESPN. I can honestly say I don’t ask for any fame or attention. I find it more to be a nuisance, having to look over my shoulder, worried that someone will recognize me doing something crazy, and having the whole issue blown out of proportion (e.g., “OMG… isn’t that J.R. Salzman dancing on the bar in his boxers?!?!”)

Tonight while I was out on my daily 6-10 mile run around Rochester, I found some attention that didn’t bother me so much. Whenever I run, I always sprint the last 50-100 meters, regardless of how far I’ve just gone (it’s a mental thing). I sprinted the last 50 meters tonight, running up the hill past my house. I stopped, chest heaving, out of breath and began to walk. A young child, around 10 years old was biking around me like he was going to say something. I took off my headphones (The Offspring, as usual). The young boy said “Hi J.R.”. I was a little surprised. It’s not often someone (especially this young) recognizes me. I said “you know who I am?” The young boy replied “yup. I saw you on T.V.” “Oh yeah? What did you think of that?” I asked. I had to chuckle at the child’s response: “I’m glad you didn’t have to run against that other guy.”

If you have no idea what the little boy was talking about, you might want to do some reading up at

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