So much for keeping everyone posted. I’ve been busy enough in the last 2 months to all but forget that I even own a website, let alone need to update it. Lets see…

I sucked it up in the World Championships and got 3rd place. I lost to Dan McDonough, who later ended up somewhere around 6th or 7th place if i’m correct. I wasn’t motivated to roll at all. I guess after 19 years of rolling, I might be ready for a year off to do other things, like the never ending search for a super athletic chocolate loving hard working non-psycho (see:normal) long haired brunette that is ready to devote all her life training to log rolling. (Hey, you never know, it could happen.)

I can’t say the 2004 LWC was all bad. Yeah, I got 3rd in the log roll, but I got second place in the boom run (better than I expected, and the relay I was part of (Lindsey Daun’s) won the gold medal by about a tenth of a second. So a first, second, and third for the Lumberjack World Championships isn’t all bad I guess. I’m just glad the competition season is over. After 19 years of rolling, all the different years just kind of blend together into one continuous year. So unfortunately my 6th Log Rolling World Title wasn’t to be this year. Apparently I’m no Lance Armstrong.

Congrats to all the U.S. Olympic athletes on kicking some serious butt in Athens. The amount of medals they’ve already won is simply amazing.

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