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Cats vs. Dogs

Still think your cat is better than a dog? Can your cat do this? I think not. Mine can barely go two seconds without begging for more food.

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Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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No Rhyme or Reason

Tonight while I was clipping back the busted toenail on my right foot I injured log rolling this summer (as if you wanted to know that), I had to use the small nail file. Mine was broken off. For a … Continue reading

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Red Hat

Greetings Katie Nowitzke.

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Why is it that we can put a man on the moon, but we can’t make cars get over 20 miles to the gallon of gas? Gas prices are ridiculous.

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Police Brutality?

Red Socks Fan Killed by Police. The really crappy thing is, the police will probably conduct the investigation into whether or not there was any wrongdoing on their part and will find “no conclusive evidence of excessive use of force”. … Continue reading

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Absolutely. Amazing. I wonder if lumberjack sports will ever come to this. Hey, you never know. It sure would make the Great Outdoor Games more exciting.

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Going Global

Shana Martin informed me that a friend of hers saw us on T.V. in China. Apparently it was the Boom Run Mixed Doubles from this years Great Outdoor Games in Madison. Small world.

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Boom Run Mixed Doubles

The Boom Run Mixed Doubles has been axed (pun intended) from the 2005 ESPN Great Outdoor Games. They (ESPN) didn’t really give us a reason why, just that it was “in the interest of providing the best Great Outdoor Games … Continue reading

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Music does weird things to a person. Tonight I ran across some music that brought back vast forgotten memories. Suddenly I was 19 again, back in college. I was growing up, going to class at the u of MN, driving … Continue reading

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