Music does weird things to a person. Tonight I ran across some music that brought back vast forgotten memories. Suddenly I was 19 again, back in college. I was growing up, going to class at the u of MN, driving back and forth to Hayward from Minneapolis on weekends to help my parents out when I could. I was in the middle of a new experience called college. Life was so simple. It was easy. Everything was black and white.

Jump to current day. I’m 25. Life is a lot harder. The “Real World” bit me a long time ago. Now I don’t have the time to get my own projects done, let alone help my parents, or even pick up a phone to call them on a regular basis. Life is no longer black and white. There are a lot of grey areas. Suddenly I’m left thinking, where did it all go? What happened to me?

Don’t take time for granted. Never wish you could hurry up and grow. Never wish you were older so you could undertake some new experience. Live each day to the fullest, like it will be your last, and cherish it to the end. You never know where time will lead you and leave you wondering…

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