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Yes.. yes I am

And I’m proud of it.

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MIA Email

I didn’t receive any email sent to me in the last two days (Monday or Tuesday) because outlook was jacked up. It was automatically deleted. So if you sent me email or a message via my website, resend it please … Continue reading

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Blame the USA

I said within the first 24 hours of the Tsunami Disaster that the United States was in some way, shape or form going to get blamed for something. Why? Because whether we do something or don’t do something, or had … Continue reading

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Hunting Season

Hunter Mark Smith of Lacrosse, WI is proposing a hunting season on cats. Smith’s proposal has horrified cat lovers, but is seen by others as a way to stop cats from killing wild birds. University of Wisconsin-Madison wildlife ecology professor … Continue reading

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“The beatings will continue until moral improves.” Only in the Army could you have “Mandatory Fun Day”. In other news the Supreme Court ruled in favor of military recruiting on college campuses. Considering most college campuses throughout the US are … Continue reading

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