Dang… I think I’ve been a bit busy. Where has the time gone? Log Rolling season is getting into full swing already. I started rolling a few weeks ago when the water was still way too cold. Talk about incentive to not fall in.

Competition season isn’t too far away. I already have a stack of papers from ESPN that I’ve been successfully putting off filling out. I really need to burn that stuff to a disk so I can just change the numbers and send it to them every year. Maybe next year I’ll finally remember.

Sorry that my weblog has gotten kinda dull over the last few months. Unfortunately there royal pr*cks out there who read my weblog just looking for some stupid little thing to try and “punish” me for. If these people would spend half as much time on their training as they do on their own self promotion maybe they wouldn’t suck so bad.
I guess I should be careful though. Someone that works in a law office has been reading for many months now. (Bring on the defamation lawsuit!) Log rolling would be so much easier if people had the same attitude I do. If you have something to prove, prove it on the log. Otherwise just shut up, quit whining, and stop trying to better your own performance by changing the rules.

That’s my two cents for the day.

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