I Won an ESPY!

I won an ESPY for Best Outdoor Sports Athlete! I’ll see what I can do about getting a pic of it up here in the next few days.

Wow…. What a crazy last three weeks. I’ll jump back to the Great Outdoor Games VI in Orlando, FL at Disney World. First things first: who decided to have it in Florida during hurricane season? We managed to pull through with a few delays and interruptions thanks to Hurricane Dennis. I honestly don’t know how people can live in Florida. The entire state is a giant swamp, making it so incredibly humid. Anyway, I had all my events, the Men’s Boom Run, Men’s Log Roll, and the Team Relay all on the last day. Log Roll came first. I rolled Travis Wells in the quarterfinals, Fred Scheer in the semis, and Jamie Fischer in the finals to win a gold medal. I dunno why, but my quads were smoked. I’m thinking my lack of time on the bike this summer had something to do with it. Sure I won, but it was definitely by the narrowest margin I’ve ever had. My legs felt like big spongy stumps under my body. I was definitely not rolling up to my ability.

Next came the boom run. My legs felt better by this time, but not much. I’ll be honest, I credit luck with the fact I even made it past the quarter finals. My opponent fell on the last log, with me a full 2 logs behind (apparently my start was a “little slow”, next year I need to read the rules about how you start before I run the boom). I got knocked out in the semis by a faster opponent. He ran well, I didn’t, he earned his trip to the finals, I earned my trip to the consolation round. My run for 3rd and 4th was pretty well focused. Even when we both fell, I remounted the log very quickly and ran to the finish ahead of him earning a bronze medal. All in all, I ran slow. I was tired and sore and felt like I was running in slow motion. Oh well, better luck next year, right?

Our relay team had a less than glamorous performance for the weekend, leaving us without a medal. Although it was beyond my control, I was hoping very much to get a medal in one more event to make me the all time medal winner. At the moment I’m tied with Jason Wynyard with 14 medals from the Great Outdoor Games. 15 medals would have been very nice, although I didn’t know how many medals I even had until someone from ESPN told me. Sorry but I don’t count wins, I count losses. Nobody works on their win, everyone works on their loss.

That’s all I have till tomorrow or the day after. I’d like to tell you about the ESPYs tonight but the red wine is starting to get to me. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about my little experiences seeing/meeting Andy Roddick, Curt Schilling, Payton Manning and Mathew Perry, and going to the Playboy Mansion.

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