Cheaper by the Dozen 2

A lot of you have probably seen the commercials for the upcoming movie Cheaper By the Dozen 2 and watched the log rolling scene between Eugene Levy and Steve Martin. Well Steve Martin and Eugene Levy don’t know how to log roll. That is why they called Darren Hudson and myself to play their parts in the movie. So when you see them log rolling, instead of Eugene Levy, you’re actually seeing myself (red and white Nikes). Darren Hudson played Steve Martin.

If you want to view the scene in its entirety, go to, click on Clips, and then watch the third clip from the left. Oh, and at the end where Steve Martin falls, that’s me standing on the log with him.

A big thank you to 20th Century Fox for giving us the opportunity to do the movie shoot and the opportunity to work with Eugene Levy and Steve Martin. It was definitely an experience I will not soon forget as I’m on my way to Iraq.

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