Camp Shelby Training

The Star Tribune has done a few stories on our training in Camp Shelby. This one in particular is pretty good and details some of the training that we partake in. If you listen to the audio clip on the above link, you pretty much hear how chaotic our training can be at times. And yes, the language you hear people singing and chanting in is actually Arabic.

Minnesota Public Radio has a few stories as well. This one pretty much sums up what we’re going through down there, and even includes pictures of our less than cozy barracks. It also has pictures and an interview with Col Elicerio, the Commander of the Minnesota Guard’s First Brigade Combat Team. Col Elicerio walked up behind me during a little 4 mile road march and said, “Salzman? Didn’t I see you and your sister on ESPN doing a lumberjack competition?” No kidding. He’s in charge of thousands of soldiers and he recognizes me. So much for blending in.

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