All I can say is wow. We received some care packages yesterday via First let me tell you we are in the middle of nowhere in Iraq, many miles from the nearest post office or major base. We have Internet, but no phones. Seeing a recent newspaper is simply out of the question. We can send mail, but only about once a week. We got mail yesterday for the first time in over a week. I just received a package I mailed to myself from the states a month and a half ago. Mixed in amongst the mail were packages and letters from people via Although we all have our reasons for being here, sometimes we need reminding and a little pat on the back for what we are doing.

Getting a heart-warming letter, a couple recent magazines, or some crossword puzzle books is all it takes to let us know you care. People were kind enough to send magazines, books, snacks food (mmmm… Oreos), small things that perk up any soldiers day. You can do the same thing. Just head to and sign up. The post office has a small box you can pack as much as you want into for like 8 dollars. Cram it full of food, books, magazines, games, whatever (follow guidlines though) and send it off. It’s a great cause, and will let soldiers like me know people still care.

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