Here is PROOF the Iraqis are on our side, and the Packers are the best football team ever! Even the Iraqis cheer for them!
Ok, maybe not. The Wisconsin guys in our area most likely gave him the shirt. Seeing as how they live in a little decomposing cinderblock shack like many Iraqis, I don’t think he ordered it off the internet.

Gas prices got you down? Try filling up at this place. This is an Iraqi 7/11 in southern Iraq. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out where people bought gas for their cars. Iraqis will improvise anything here. The funniest thing to see is a man in business atire getting out of a BMW to grab a bottle of something to drink at one of these places.

Another sand storm photo. The only positive to driving in a sand storm is it blocks out the sun, so its not nearly as hot. It was a comfortable 110 degrees when I took this picture. On the down side, everything in the truck, and everything on you gets covered in sand.

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