Hot Hot Hot

Today was by far the worst day so far. I was outside in 120 degree heat for 12 hours either in a humvee, working on one, or loading one. The majority of the time I was in full battle rattle (kevlar, IBA (body armor), ACUs etc). I have never been so miserable from heat in all my life. For a while I was zoning out like I was going to pass out. All in all today, I drank no less than 10 – 1.5 liter bottles of water (about 4 gallons), and I still didn’t have to go to the bathroom. I’m honestly regretting not asking for an IV when we were done. My brain feels like it was fried like an egg. My face and eye sockets have turned bright red (not sunburn, from the heat). How these people live here is beyond me.

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