More Pics

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A few things happen when you’re out on a convoy, and you fail to drink enough water:

  1. You get a headache.
  2. You don’t feel good.
  3. You pass out.
  4. You wake up and begin to argue that you don’t need an IV (not usually, but this young lady did).
  5. You get an IV (or an attempted IV in this case)
  6. I get in the turret and take your place. I then take a pic of your bleeding arm after a failed IV and laugh at you when you argue you don’t need an IV when you clearly do.

Now doesn’t it make more sense to just drink water? We had two women who needed IVs that day. When it comes to IVs, don’t be a wheeny. You’re only hurting your body and yourself by not getting one, not to mention the fact someone has to take your place. But when people’s lives depend on you doing your job, sitting in the backseat with an IV in your arm isn’t where you should be. Drink water and save everyone a lot of trouble, and possibly their lives.

A little piece of home comes to Iraq, c/o 92KQRS. I saw a few of these around a base I was on here in Southern Iraq a couple days ago. This one is inside the front gate at the weapons clearing barrels (or tubes in this case). I haven’t seen any 93X stickers around yet, but I did see some on a base in Kuwait.

This big guy was caught running across the floor at around 0130 this morning. This is what a camel spider looks like after you step on him. And yes, they get pretty damn big, notice how long the legs are. Try crawling into bed with one of these guys!

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