Groundhog Day

Sorry about the lack of updates. I haven’t been doing much of anything lately, as I’ve come down with some sort of Middle East Iraqi Bird Flu Monkey Sars Pox or something. So until I’m feeling better and don’t have to lie around in bed all day, I won’t be around much. I feel absolutely horrible. I guess it could always be worse, especially considering where I live.

It’s been windy as hell here every day. We have sustained winds of at least 30 mph from the north. And yes, it’s hot here every day. It’s been pretty constant for the last 3 weeks, usually between 114-118 degrees during the day. The sand storms are horrible, and a daily occurrence. I think that’s how I got sick, as we live in the middle of nowhere and are pretty much quarantined from everyone else. Every day here is like Groundhog Day. You wake up to the same people, in the same place every day. We do the same things. You do the same shift. You do it at the same time. You eat the same mass precooked month old food every day. (Forget about fresh fruit or veggies, the Iraqis use human waste to fertilize theirs) You do the same monotonous details every day. A day off is unheard of. I haven’t had a day off in months. I haven’t seen or heard American TV or Radio in about 3 months. We get mail, but it’s at least 2 weeks old, mostly due to the fact it’s only delivered once every 8 days. Forget about mailing letters out. You can try to give it to somebody (once every 8 days) and hope they remember to mail it, but you’re better off just emailing, or making it up to your loved ones when you get home. (Now you know why you haven’t heard from me). Phones are nonexistent, unless you bought one off an Iraqi. In order for them to work you have to buy the $10 phone cards that get you about 20 minutes of talk time back to the states. Unfortunately that only works when you manage to get a signal. Service is horrible; probably considering all the towers have some Hajji guy living at them responsible for keeping the diesel motor running that powers them. Not the most exact science, but like anything in this damn country it’s better than nothing.

At least we can say the deployment is more than halfway through. Only 8-9 months to go.

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