Little to Destroy

There is an excellent article by U.S. Army Capt. Dan Sukman on Fox News regarding accusations the U.S. Government destroyed the country of Iraq.

Color is something we take for granted in the United States. By this I mean that at home, you can look around and see colors of all sorts. The grass is green; the sky is blue with intermittent white in the form of clouds. Here we have not seen a cloud in three months, and barring unforeseen circumstances, I do not expect to see another until the plane lands at Fort Campbell, Ky.

The only green you will ever see is around the irrigation canals. Those are pretty far and few between. There is some standing water, but most of it smells like dead rotting animals in the hot sun.

The color scheme on most buildings is tan; there is no need for paint as the bleaching effects of the sun combined with the vast amounts of dust in the air render any paint jobs useless. I hesitate to mention the lung cancer I expect to get; I should have taken up smoking in order to prepare for the air we breathe here.

We’ve had dust storms last for nearly two weeks. I can’t even imagine how much sand I’ve consumed in the last 4 months. The sky is hazy every day either from the sand, or from the large amounts of pollution from the southern oil fields burning off the gas created in the refining process. I’ve started wondering if maybe I shouldn’t have had kids before I came on this deployment.

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