Hell on Earth

The weather has done a 180 on us in the last week. We hadn’t seen a cloud since April. Every day and night were completely clear, not a cloud to be seen. Now it starts clouding up around 1700 every day. By 1900 there is a sand storm blowing in with slight rain drops felt. Wind gusts can reach 50 mph. I now understand a lot of the stories in the bible about this place. The events they talk about, storms blocking out the sun, insect infestations, they’re all true. I took video of a sand storm coming across the desert toward us today. It looks like a scene from the movie “The Mummy”. This place is hell on earth.

Some pics for your view pleasure. As always, click to enlarge.

I’m hiding the pain of around 50 pounds of body armor, ammo, and 9mm pistol behind a smile. Taken before a patrol this afternoon.

Pope glass. It’s not just for the Pope anymore. Soldier is PFC Hawkins, my 50 cal gunner for the patrol.

A sand storm rolling across the desert.

Driving through the sand storm. As you can see from the photo we couldn’t see past our own hood, let alone the two trucks ahead of us.

The sand storm coming across the desert. It looked like something out of the movie “The Mummy”. How people live here in little stone huts with no doors or windows is beyond me.

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