Halp Us Jon Carry

Sorry about the lack of posting, contrary to your worried thoughts I’m doing fine over here. Things have actually jumped from being hot and sandy to cold and muddy now. I think I’d rather take the sand than the mud.

Apparently a bunch of you were asking about the photo of the soldiers holding the “Halp Us Jon Carry” banner. Yes, they are from the 1/34 BCT “Red Bulls” from Minnesota, which I am a part of. I didn’t realize it at the time, but on the last mission up around Baghdad area I had a ride along “guest” in my gun truck who happened to be the creator of the banner. She said she meant it as a joke, even thought John Kerry was completely out of line with his comments. I think the picture was intended to be one of those little things that would hop around in people’s emails, nothing more. She said they had no idea it would be as popular as it was. The photo was taken in my company’s parking lot here on Camp Adder, Iraq. The personnel are members of my battalion’s staff. I wonder if Kerry got the point?

Kerry’s comments are about as ridiculous as not being allowed into the chow hall for forgetting your reflective “PT Belt”. But thats a whole other story.

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