Minor Setback

Hey all. sorry for the crappy grammar. its hard to type with only two working fingers. thanks again for all the well wishers sending emails, and the threads at blackfive, metafilter, littlegreenfootballs, and other weblogs. i cant believe the outpouring of support for me. i think it is unbelievable. i still have hundreds of emails to read.

Yesterday i learned my ring finger on my left hand needs to be amputated. it is beyond repair, with shattered bones and severed nerves (i havent been able to feel it since before the ied blast that took my arm). i have some other numbness in my hand that will hopefully go away when they amputate it, remove its bones in my hand, and slide my pinky finger over to take its place. i will let you all know how surgery goes next week.

therapy is going very well on my amputated right arm. i honestly enjoy working out every morning at physical therapy. i cant wait till my right arm is ready to be fitted a prosthesis so it is more than just a stump. all in good time i have to remind myself.

almost forgot, this goes out to matt: go pack!

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