First off the last week have been very very rough. What was suppose to be a one day of surgery, ended up being four days of messing around with anesthesia and the O.R. My surgery was suppose to be completed on Tuesday, but because of infection and a lot of nasty grime that was still in my hand they were unable to complete it. They rescheduled it for Friday. I asked them that since my surgery was three days away, why not go ahead and put a nerve block in now so that I don’t have to endure the pain all the way until Friday. They agreed and the next morning (Wednesday) I went back to the OR to have the nerve block put in and the dressing changed on my left hand. Initially, the nerve block worked great. It made my whole left arm numb and I didn’t feel any pain. The doctor said because my hand looked well enough, we would be entering surgery on Thursday instead of Friday. So Thursday morning we had the final surgery to amputate my left ring finger and remove the metacarpals and tie my pinky finger together with my middle finger so there would be no gap in between. The surgery went well, unfortunately my nerve block for some reason quit working. The block was no longer attached to the nerves and I was in the worst pain of my life. There has never been another time in my life where I have been in so much pain. I sat for hours in post anesthesia crying and screaming and just doing anything to try and tolerate the pain. The nurses injected me with unbelievable amounts of drugs. Even they couldn’t believe that the drugs weren’t having any affect on me. Somehow around 10:30 pm they managed to get the pain under control enough that I could go back upstairs to my room. The next day they would bring my back downstairs and redo my nerve block so that it would properly block the pain in my left hand. So promptly Friday morning they brought me downstairs, knocked me out, and fixed the nerve block. What was suppose to be a one day ordeal with one surgery somehow turned into four days. It was very painful but I managed to survive and am doing OK. The pain is under control now.

My right arm is healing up nicely now. It’s been two weeks since the final surgery when they closed it up. It won’t be long now and they will be removing the stitches. They have a compression sock on it now to help shape it for my first prosthesis.

A lot of you have been wondering how to donate to me. An account has been opened up in my name where you can donate to me. Unfortunetly, you can’t do it online you have to do it via snail mail. Send all donations to the following.

JR Salzman Fund

Associated Bank

PO Box 636

10526 Main

Hayward, WI 54843

I want you to all keep in mind that there are a lot of injured soldiers out there, not just myself. In order to reach out to these wounded soldiers use the following organizations. First and foremost, Soldier’s Angels. Soldier’s Angels gave me a laptop with voice recognition software so that I can type even though I have no hands or fingers to type with. Another organization is the

Wounded Warrior Project. And when all else fails, there is always the Red Cross. They gave me the clothes I needed to wear, including shoes to wear to physical therapy. There are many more injured soldiers out there besides myself. I shouldn’t deserve all the attention when there are so many needy soldiers out there. Please help out these worthy organizations as well as other worthy organizations that you can find through milblogs. Once again I appreciate the help, but I am not the only one injured in this fight.

I will keep you all posted as my condition improves. Thank you all for your support up till now. I have a long road of recovery ahead. Please remember me in my long fight ahead.

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