Alive Day

I want to give everyone a heads up for an HBO documentary, “Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq” premiering Sunday at 10:30 p.m. EDT. Our Alive Day is the day each of us nearly lost our life in combat (the vast majority of us to ieds/rpgs). Just for the record, my alive day is December 19 and I intend on making it a positive aspect in my life every year. The documentary is based on a set of interviews with 10 Soldiers and Marines. Most of them were long gone by the time I got to Walter Reed on the eve of Dec 24th, 2006 (although I did share the same Physical Therapist as famed triple amputee, Sgt. Bryan Anderson) I did however attend the Vail Veterans Program this past March where I got stuck in an airport (after our connecting plane broke) with Dawn Halfaker. She was the first “senior” arm amputee I had met (it had only been about 3 months since my incident when I met her, and she had already left Walter Reed a year earlier). What started out as a simple “hi, were you at Walter Reed?” quickly turned into “so how do you tie your shoes? How do you scrub the left side of your body?” (since we both lost our right arm) It was great to finally talk to someone like me who knew exactly what I was going through. At that time in your recovery, information like that is worth its weight in gold. Therapists can only do so much to help you out.

I heard about the program when I called the OT Lab at Walter Reed to take care of some things.Early reports of this show are giving it excellent reviews, with early reviews from media outlets holding it in high esteem. Its definitely a show I’m not going to miss. I believe this is an important aspect of Soldiers and Marines lives that the public needs to see. Like Dawn has said, “it’s important to bring awareness to whats going on.”

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