Yesterday as my unit was going through their mandatory “reintegration training” in St. Paul, MN, I had my first real opportunity to talk with Army Medic SPC Krisko who saved my life back in December. In my mind I wasn’t really losing that much blood after he put the tourniquet on my missing arm. In reality all it did was slow it, I was still bleeding out (which would explain all the units of blood they gave me at the Green Zone). As they were carrying me to the Blackhawk to evac me, we came under small arms fire. I don’t really recall this because those birds are so damn loud when you are right underneath them. I think I remember hearing gunfire, but I cannot be sure. Apparently they loaded me as fast as they could and ran back behind the uparmored humvees for cover.

I’m really glad I didn’t get shot that day. Getting shot in the leg after having an IED blow one arm off and half another would have really ruined my day.

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