Going Back

I’ve always said I would like to go back to Iraq someday. I’m very interested to see what the country has turned into in 20 or 30 years. More importantly, I would like to go back to the place where I nearly lost my life. Fortunately due to the advent of modern satellite technology, I don’t have to wait 20 years. Courtesy of Google Earth, I am able to go back right now and view the very spot. Click on the below images to enlarge (this will open a new window).

As you can see, we were right in the thick of things in northwest Baghdad. We actually made it further south than what I remember. After seeing this image, it made me wonder where exactly the Iranian trigger-man was. Maybe he was on top of the overpass behind us? It’s hard to say.

This is a close-up of where we got hit. As you can see there’s not a damn thing alongside the road. I’m guessing the EFP (Explosive Formed Penetrator) that hit us was built into a Styrofoam block and painted to look like concrete. They like to put them into the curb so they’re almost impossible to spot, especially at night.

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