Amputee vets see eye-to-eye on Segways

“ARLINGTON, Virginia (CNN) — U.S. Army Sgt. Jacque Keeslar lost both legs in Iraq nearly two years ago. To get around, he relies on a wheelchair and a pair of artificial legs, which help him walk in short bursts.

Veterans at Walter Reed are using Segways that are custom designed for their injuries to get around.

“If I have to do a half mile or mile of walking, it just exhausts me,” Keeslar said.

Now, thanks to a specially designed Segway, the battery-powered transporter, Keeslar says he can ditch his wheelchair and get around without people looking down on him.”<

We had a couple Segways sitting in PT (Physical Therapy) at Walter Reed. Unfortunately something was wrong with the batteries so we never really got to use them. I saw SGT Keeslar at the Vail Veterans Program again this year. He’s getting around a lot better now and was really tearing up the mountain on the mono-ski.

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