No More Interviews

Things are getting way out of hand with the requests for interviews. On top of it, it has come to my attention there are certain individuals who are speaking to the press on my behalf without my knowledge or permission, and are even volunteering me for interviews. I do not have a spokesman or agent, I handle these things on my own. I do not appreciate it when people hand out my number or even call and volunteer me for interviews when I clearly did not authorize it or even know about it.

So guess what. Unless you have spoken DIRECTLY to me on the phone, and it has been cleared with ME, YOU DO NOT HAVE AN INTERVIEW. I don’t care if you show up at log rolling practice or the Lumberjack World Championships with a full film crew expecting an interview. I’m not doing it. This invasion into what little privacy I have left has gone too far. The people who are doing this are NOT speaking on my behalf.

All I want to do is log roll and get back to my life. I am not the national spokesman for all wounded veterans, nor am I the spokesman for all log rollers and lumberjacks. I’m a normal guy trying to do what I love. Let me get on with my life. Thank you for understanding.

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