Napolitano Smoking Gun

Most of you have already heard about the blanket report on Right Wing Extremism issued by the Department of Homeland Security. For those who missed it, the report basically says anyone one who believes in limited government, the second amendment, lower taxes, secure borders, are anti-abortion, served in the military, wear blue jeans, or drive a rusty Chevrolet could be a right wing extremist. I spent 10 months in Iraq with the Minnesota Guard before losing my right arm to an Iranian Weapons Expert in Baghdad. As a proud Veteran, I take more than a little offense to this report.

Coincidentally, I was bouncing around from link to link last night, reading random stuff that happened when I was too young to know anything, and stumbled upon this lovely tidbit of information (4th paragraph from the bottom) involving Janet Napolitano when she served under Clinton back in 1996.

The BATF and U.S. Attorney Janet Napolitano may have overlooked the weaknesses in the case against the Vipers because both were eager for some good press. Napolitano, a Clinton appointee, last January 1996 declined to seek search warrants requested by U.S. postal inspectors who were finishing a two-year child pornography sting operation. The inspectors, who had received 106 warrants with the help of other federal officials during the investigation, were surprised. They turned to Maricopa County officials, who obtained the warrants and made the arrests. A search of the prime Phoenix suspect’s house yielded numerous photos and videotapes of children having sex with men, plus a confession that the suspect had sodomized numerous boys. The case became a public issue in May when a postal inspector appeared on ABC’s 20/20 with a letter from Napolitano stating that she had refused to take the child pornography case because it unfairly targeted homosexual men. Perhaps she was right, but the case has generated local criticism and a Senate investigation.

So here were two known child molesters. This wasn’t a “might be” situation. They weren’t sitting outside gay bars searching people’s cars, following people home, or wiretapping outspoken homosexuals simply for being homosexual. These were child molesters hurting innocent children. There was obviously enough evidence to obtain 106 warrants against these individuals previously, yet Janet Napolitano declined because she felt it would be unfairly targeting homosexuals.

So let me see if I have this straight. According to Janet Napolitano, it is wrong to target known child molesters if they are homosexuals, but it is ok to target anyone who is basically right leaning in their ideology.

Oh, I get it! This is about politics!

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