Everybody Draw Muhammad Day Success

Whats the difference between terrorists and Facebook?  You can still find terrorists in Pakistan.

Here is my contribution to the first annual Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.  I’d like you to meet Larry, Curly, and Mo-hammad.

I need to write a lot more (like how Facebook deleted all the Draw Muhammad groups), but its late.  So for now you get to enjoy a collection of death threats I collected on Facebook during Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.  I have edited out the swear words where possible.  Unfortunately there are a couple that are far too graphic to publish (a muslim woman was telling a nonmuslim woman if she doesnt cover up she deserves to be raped, etc.)

Some people think this about hating Islam.  It isnt.  I have no problem with Muslims.  This is about a bunch of radicals trying to tell everyone else what we can say or draw through death threats and intimidation.  I will not be silenced.

I have not edited out any of their names or profile photos. In order for me to do that I would have to respect them.  I do not respect anyone who makes death threats over a cartoon drawing and attempts to intimidate others into giving up their right to free speech.  They will stay here for the whole world to see.

Note the rifle in the profile photo. A nice little Jihadist in the making.

As usual, the Jews were behind it all.  It was a common theme.



Apparently the maker of the Facebook group is a guy named Daniel whose computer has since been hacked.
A future mother of the year award winner I’m sure.

Religion of peace?

I started noticing a common theme…

This guy was just too high strung.

I don’t think its possible to have too much bacon.  Bacon goes with everything.

Again, I think this individual is just too high strung.

The most specific one so far.  Theo Van Gogh was murdered by Muslims for a movie he made.
To be fair, I’m not trying to paint with a wide brush and condemn the entire Muslim Faith. But there are certainly those amongst the religion who need to be reigned in. Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be a lot of vocal condemnation among the other members of the faith.
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