Hand Surgery

Its been a while since I’ve posted something creepy and disgusting so I figured, why not? Sorry about the delay on this, I forgot to publish the draft.

Via Jammiewearingfool:

And this little piggy turned into a thumb.

A Long Island woman’s big toe will adapt to function as a thumb after doctors performed a rare transplant operation to replace the vital missing digit.

Shannon Elliott, 25, lost the thumb and two fingers from her left hand in November when a firework exploded in her palm. Elliott happened to be walking by when someone in a passing car tossed the explosive out a window.

It blew up when she bent to see what had landed and tore apart her hand, reports WABC.

“I was devastated. … My fingers exploded into pieces,” she said.

Stony Brook University doctors suggested the toe amputation to restore mobility to Elliott’s hand, and performed an 11-hour surgery after Elliott agreed to go forward.

“To me it was a no brainer. I’d rather lose a toe and gain a whole hand,” said the mother of two.

I know how she feels.  Because of some serious shrapnel damage from getting blown up in Iraq, my ulnar nerve was severed and my ring finger was damaged beyond repair.  Because of this my one remaining hand was cut to pieces by doctors at Walter Reed and pieced back together. Check it out.

They did what is known as a ray section, where my entire ring finger – including the metacarpal – was cut out of the middle of my hand. My hand was then reassembled with my pinky next to my middle finger.

The vast majority of people do not notice that I only have four fingers left.  Unfortunately my pinky is completely unusable because of the ulnar nerve that didn’t heal.  Still, as the above woman can attest, its better to have part of a hand then no hand at all.

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