Army admits ‘unimaginable, unacceptable wrongs’ at Arlington Cemetery

Via Cnn:

Washington (CNN) — Army Secretary John McHugh told Congress Wednesday that “unimaginable, unacceptable wrongs” had resulted from the mismanagement of Arlington Cemetery, one of the nation’s most hallowed burial places for its war dead.

A months-long Army investigation initiated by McHugh revealed that 211 graves at the historic cemetery were misidentified or mislocated.

Conceding that “by placing everyone in charge, no one was in charge,” McHugh vowed to do “everything necessary and possible to right these unimaginable, unacceptable wrongs.”

The probe exposed a dysfunctional management team with no oversight, missing documents, poor record keeping, and failure to notify next-of-kin about the problems, according to the Inspector General’s report.

Rep. Howard McKeon, R-California, the ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, expressed concerns over the cemetery’s “nearly complete failure to comply with federal, defense, or Army acquisition regulations,” avoiding “basic common sense.

“No oversight, missing documents, and poor record keeping?”  That pretty much covers every government facet from the IRS to the White House to the DMV.    Like I’ve been saying, if you think this sounds bad, just wait until you see how great Obamacare is going to be. You know those documents showing months of medical screenings and tests that show you need that life saving surgery?  Yeah, you can kiss those goodbye.

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