G20 Toronto Police Confiscate Prosthetic Leg For Being a Weapon

First you need some background on this story to understand the utter incompetence of the Canadian Government’s handling of the G20 Summit and the usual liberals that swarm to these events to wreak havoc. From Hotair (follow link to see videos):

A palate cleanser via Iowahawk, who subtitles this one “Rage Against My Allowance.” Say, how come there are no cops around to cuff this black-bloc idiot? Well, funny thing: On Saturday, Toronto PD decided to avoid confrontation as anarchists and far-left dregs of various stripes burned cars and smashed windows in the name of “human rights” or whatever. That didn’t sit well with the public, so theychanged tactics that night and ended up beating people the next day who, er,weren’t rioting. No estimates yet on the total damage, but according to Toronto’s mayor, it was a “mistake” to hold the summit there. How’s that for a vote of confidence in the city from the man in charge?

Now enter John Pruyn, a Revenue Canada employee from Thorold, Ont., and 57-year-old amputee.

In the early evening, Mr. Pruyn and his 24-year-old daughter, Sarah, were sitting on the lawn of the provincial legislature — the so-called “designated speech area” — waiting to meet Mr. Pruyn’s wife, Susan, from whom the pair had become separated during the afternoon march.

At the same time, a line of police began advancing on the crowd of protesters, most of whom Mr. Pruyn says were simply relaxing on the grass.

“The police came up to us and said, ‘Move!’ so I tried to get up,” said Mr. Pruyn, who lost his left leg above the knee 17 years ago in a farming accident.

“I fell back down and my daughter yelled out, ‘Give him time. He’s an amputee.’ I guess the police thought I was taking too long … then all of a sudden the police were on top of me.”

Mr. Pruyn claims his head was kept on the ground by an officer digging a knee into his left temple while other officers yanked at his arms.

“One of them was yelling, ‘You’re resisting arrest’, but I wasn’t resisting anything. I couldn’t move.”

He says police then ordered him to start walking, but when he informed them that he couldn’t get up because his hands were cuffed behind his back, an officer grabbed his prosthetic leg and “yanked it right off.”

“Then he said, ‘Hop!’ but I told them I couldn’t because it hurts for me to hop on my right leg,” Mr. Pruyn recalled. “Then the cop said, ‘OK, you asked for it’ and two officers grabbed me under my armpits and dragged me away from Queen’s Park towards the police vans.”

Make sure you read the whole thing. I wish I could say that this type of treatment is limited to Canada, but it isn’t. I regularly have to deal with stupidity in the official capacity when I fly and deal with TSA.  Rather than deal with their inconsistent procedures in dealing with amputees, I simply take my prosthetic arm off and send it through the scanner with my laptop and shoes.  Unfortunately leg amputees are not as lucky. While returning from the Vail Veteran’s Project in Vail, Colorado a couple years back a TSA official asked a fellow Veteran and leg amputee from Walter Reed if he would hand over his crutches and hop through the security without them.  A year later on the way back from a snowboarding clinic in Park City, UT another fellow Veteran from Walter Reed and double below knee amputee was basically molested in the little glass security booth by a TSA official who was clearly unsure or untrained in proper search techniques.

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