Try Occupying A Job

The death toll for the OWS protests in North America is now up to seven. Health conditions in many camps have deteriorated so far that public health officials are demanding their closure to prevent an epidemic. In the absence of proper waste facilities many choose to just relieve themselves in the street where they sleep. These societial underlings have told their fellow protesters to not report the repeated sexual assaults and rapes in their camps to the police. They should instead “police their own” (we see how well that is working). Violence and rampant drug use have become the mainstay with police warning others that the camps are not safe after dark. So what are they protesting against? If it is income inequality then why wall street? The top four Hollywood personalities make more money than the top one hundred CEOs. Professional sports athletes make millions of dollars for the task of handling a ball for a few months a year. None of whom are tasked with running a company or employing hundreds, if not thousands of people. The original Tea Party was a stand against tyranny, against the excessive taxation of an overbearing government. They wanted limited government so as to pursue their own economic goals through free markets. This is quite contrary to the OWS protests. They are not protesting a lack of opportunity or a job shortage. No, they demand the confiscation of wealth of others through “economic equality.” ¬†Why Wall Street? Their simple minds are lead to believe that Wall Street, not their own lacking drive or work ethic are to blame for their societal woes. They blame the evil CEOs yet give a free pass to the politicians who propagate crony capitalism and drum up the class warfare rhetoric. They deserve no more voice than my 17 month old son when he throws a fit for not getting what he wants. The liberal establishment media, all too eager to assist in the deflection of blame from the overbearing, failed government policies of the current administration, are quick to support the narrative. They did their best to paint the Tea Part movement as a bunch of violent racists despite no evidence. We are lead to believe a grandmother holding a copy of the Constitution, waving an American flag at a rally is an extremist while the street defecating, drug using, property damaging OWS protester represents main stream society and their woes. The societal producers who continue to prop up these miscreants through their own hard work and unwavering work ethic are growing tired of these games. We are coming to a head in society, but not one the liberal political class is going to expect or enjoy. As for the OWS crowd, they shall get no attention or love from me.

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